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Rules & Conditions

violations of the rules lead to exclusion and to terminate the account.

. 1 Player account
  • Each player has at least 18 years of age.
  • Each player may only register an account and play. Multi accounts will be deleted immediately.
  • The use of offensive / sexist / racist words as usernames are prohibited.
  • The sale and purchase of an account is prohibited.
  • Each account can be locked by giving a reason for an indefinite period.
  • It's not allowed, illegally gaining access to other accounts.
  • The tippsta team will never ask for your password.

    • It is forbidden game errors (bugs) for their own advantages or disadvantages to use of others; they are immediately reported to
    • offensive content are prohibited. This includes severe insults, threats, political, religious, extremist, pornographic, violent, discriminatory content, glorification of drug use, as well as infringing content.
    • Posting of links to phishing sites or sites that contain viruses or Trojans pose, is prohibited.
    • It is not allowed to publish personal data and / or tip results of appearance.

      3.Use of help tools
      • The use of scripts and programs that automate actions is prohibited.
      • The game can played only via a conventional web browser
      • be. Also all scripts are banned, the burden on the server greatly.

        . 4 Server outages
        • We accept in principle not liable for server failures, programming errors, display errors, etc.
        • emergence of a player by server failures or programming errors disadvantages, so the player has no claims to restore Points stalls.

          . 6 Rule Changes
          • The tippsta team reserves the right to change the rules of the game. Changes will be announced via e-mail or on the website and published.